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Educamp Minecraft

Posted by Annemarie Hyde

When: 20 Sep 2014

Venue: Mokoia Intermediate

Fees: Buy your own lunch - but otherwise free. You organise your own transport and accommodation of course!

Organiser: Annemarie Hyde

Contact: ahyde@mokoia.school.nz or @mrs_hyde


Educamp is based on the Open Space meeting format. It is "a user-generated 'unconference' focused on e-learning and education. We're all about growing our learning, networking, and, of course, having fun! Everyone is invited to participate in some way."

We’d love see you there. Whoever turns up on the day are clearly the right people! 
Connect with participants - check out the right people

There’s an agenda, but we are flexible. We'll see where the dynamics of the group take us. Come prepared to listen, to share and to learn together about how teachers are using Minecraft. We are ALL the experts - and the novices - and will grow by sharing!

(NB: If you are a newbie - come along and listen - don't be turned off because you feel you won't be able to contribute. It's not pitched at the experts. We don't mind if you bring a clever 12 year old either.)


  • Opening conversation - an opportunity to talk and meet one another
  • Minecraft Smackdown- a smorgasbord of wonderful ideas and resources contributed by the attendees. Add your ideas any time before and during the event.
  • Group discussion - Larger topics or themes to bubble to the surface and we'd invite everyone to participate.
  • Breakouts - we anticipate hands on experience in a 1:1 laptop classroom; ipad apps, discussion on curriculum integration, the hows of creating a Minecraft server...