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FORUM: Engaging parents/whānau with and through technologies

Posted by Tessa Gray

When: 5 Jun 2014 - 4 Jul 2014

Venue: Enabling e-Learning | Beyond the Classroom group

Fees: FREE

Organiser: Tessa Gray - Enabling e-Learning online facilitator

Contact: tessa.gray@core-ed.net

FORUM: Engaging parents/whānau with and through technologies, 5 June – 4 July


More and more schools are using technology to engage with parents/whānau and the wider community about their children’s learning. Some schools have initiated programmes to teach parents/whānau about technologies, as well as the benefits for using these. For schools stories and more, come join us in Enabling e-Learning | Beyond the Classroom group when this thread becomes live.


  • Sandy Lediard

    This is great timing for us as we are inquiring this at present.

  • Siobhan Patterson

    It will be great to have the opportunity to share and learn from each other about this - it as important part of my role in our Learning and Change Network.

  • Tessa Gray

    I'm glad this is timely for you both. Actually we'd love to hear lots of ideas, so if you have examples or know of any great stories about using technologies to engage with parents/whānau - we'd love to hear those as well. The more the merrier. Cool See you next week!