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VPLD Webinar: Finding Balance - life and work

Posted by Tessa Gray

When: 12 Mar 2014

Venue: Adobe connect

Fees: FREE

Organiser: Merryn Dunmill

Contact: merryn.dunmill@core-ed.ac.nz



VPLD Webinar 12 March 2014: Finding Balance - life and work

This webinar, catalyzed by Dave Burton of Potential Development, and facilitated by Heather Eccles and Vicki Hagenaars, invites you to learn about the Map of Meaning. This tool will be unpacked and stories will be shared that open discussion to help us find ways to recognize and value how we balance the demands of life and work - from reality to inspiration.


The meeting will be facilitated in Adobe Connect:http://connect.vln.school.nz/vpldsessions/ 

If you haven't used Adobe Connect before it would be a good idea to give it a go beforehand and experiment. This video shows you exactly how to do it, and how to use Adobe Connect once you get in there, so I would highly recommend you watch it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W003lRVej1c. (Please note that this is a video that was made for the ELLINZ ESOL students so it is a little slow, but shows really clearly how to access and use Adobe Connect, including how to login as a guest, how to talk, and how to use the whiteboard). 

The link to Adobe will open at 3.30pm on the day and you should pop in in advance of the session to test your gear. Also:
- Please have your headset at hand
- Please don't have the "Talk" button clicked when you are not talking
- Please contact Hazel (hazelowendmc) directly via SKYPE chat if you have any on the day issues...

Please RSVP by the 3 March 2014 by following this link to the VPLD community


Image source: Flickr License

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