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Minecraft Hangout

Posted by Annemarie Hyde

When: 20 Jun 2013

Venue: You can view the live stream here: http://www.instituteofplay.org/awsm/playtime-online/illustrations-of-minecraft-as-a-classroom-learning-tool. The top image will turn into a video player around 11:30am ET.

Contact: goo.gl/3XalQ amna@instituteofplay.org

Monika Kern found the link to this hangout and we discovered that it is at 4.30am in the morning.  Fortunately the event is going to be recorded!

Livestream here goo.gl/3XalQ will be recorded & archived same place.


  • Carol Kendall

    Brilliant, thanks for letting us know! I'll watch it on the weekend.

  • Sharron Gray

    Fantatisc talk, really interesting does get you thinking about how can you use it. From this went onto look at the teaching programming with minecraft. So many possibilities.