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FORUM: Establishing systems for maintenance and management of devices

Posted by Tessa Gray

When: 25 Mar 2013 - 19 Apr 2013

Venue: Enabling e-Learning Technologies group

Fees: FREE

Organiser: Catriona Pene - Enabling e-Learning Community

Contact: Catriona Pene or Tessa Gray

Smile FORUM: Establishing systems for maintenance and management of devices. This forum is currently exploring practical systems for; booking, managing, powering, securing devices in classrooms, so that e-learning goals and aspirations can come to fruition. This thread may also touch on systems for hardware (desktop, laptop, COWs, mobile devices). 

Starts March 25th.

Your input and ideas are valued and welcome in this forum discussion.


  • Anne Cato

    We issue all our Ipads to classrooms/teachers via our School Library. Has helped keep track of all the equipment.

    We have created a google form for teachers to log any ICT equipment issues. A shortcut to this is on our school intranet page. This has proved to be very easy to you and far more efficient than our previous system of a book where issues are logged for technicial assistance. It also gives us a good record of what action has been taken to fix to issue and when.

    Having Find My Iphone on all our Ipads helped us locate a missing Ipad very quickly. I was wondering how it would work when we have so many Ipads at school - surprised at how effective it was and so easy to use. Very impressive!

    If you are wanting something to manage personal Ipads coming to school suggest you speak to Jason or James at the Technology Centre in Tauranga about the Lightspeed System. Have had some PD on this and although we are only just starting to trial, it definitely looks like something that is going to be very useful when students BYOT.

    We offered all staff Ipads for student use in their classroom provided they were prepared to join our Ipad Users group and attend regular PD. This PD is supported by a google site we created that has details of all sessions so that teachers could refer back to it. Each session teachers are set a task - may be something they have to try in their classroom and then share with our group or may involved posting a personal reflection on a set task. Have several options for sessions to cater for newcomers and those with more experience using Ipads. Some sessions are for everyone and others target and address specific identified needs.

    Always keen to hear ideas that others have found useful. Thanks to those who have shared ideas already. Goal is to be more efficient as we strive to ensure  equipment is well maintained and looked after so that it can be well used by teachers and students. 

  • Catriona Pene

    Thanks so much Anne for sharing your great ideas. It is fantastic to hear the success stories from those at the chalkface in managing sometimes very large numbers of devices.

    Please keep sharing everyone. : )