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LEARNZ - Penguins and Seals - seasonal monitoring of chicks and pups.

Posted by Catriona Pene

When: 7 Nov 2012 - 9 Nov 2012

Venue: Virtual online field trip.

Fees: Free.

Organiser: LEARNZ

Contact: http://rata.learnz.org.nz/summary.php?vft=penguinsandseals124

During the field trip you will get up close to penguin chicks and adults and seal pups and their parents. You will use technology like a burrow scope as you take part in daily and seasonal conservation work and do a population count and apply estimation techniques. You will catch a one-year-old seal pup and get close to a fluffy blue penguin chick as you find out their life stories so far. You will assess the health of individual animals by taking measurements and samples, then process and interpret the data. You will explore the rocky shore and discover what makes up the local food chains. You will discover the reasons why penguins and seals are under attack from local and global threats, what steps are being taken to conserve them and what you can do to help. During the trip you will relate our marine life to local and global issues like sustainability, climate change, food webs, water, interconnectedness, the land/sea interface and human activity.


Where you will go

Charleston, near Westport is home to many little blue penguins/kororā - the smallest penguin in the world. The population and range of the little blue penguin has been declining in areas not protected from predators. Cape Foulwind, a half-hour's drive from Charleston, is at the north-western tip of the South Island where it is home to the New Zealand fur seal/kekeno.

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