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LEARNZ - Making Music - build up to a Halloween concert with the CSO

Posted by Catriona Pene

When: 29 Oct 2012 - 31 Oct 2012

Venue: Virtual online field trip - Christchurch.

Fees: Free.

Organiser: LEARNZ

Contact: http://rata.learnz.org.nz/summary.php?vft=makingmusic124

During the field trip you will experience the build-up and performance of scary music from the past and present in a concert with a Halloween theme, performed by the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra - the CSO. You will meet professional musicians as they show off the musical instrument they are passionate about - how it works, what it looks and sounds like. You will see how musicians, and the conductor work with professionals from the visual arts and the performing arts, and follow them as they prepare for a major concert with exciting visuals and a full orchestra. You will go to the costume department and see how members of the CSO are "dressed up" for the occasion. You will meet circus performers who perform aerial acts with the music and meet the backstage organisers to see what they do to get the venue and people organised and coordinated.

Where you will go

The Christchurch earthquake caused enormous damage and has had a huge impact on the lives of its people. Like everyone else in the city and surrounds, the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra has been affected in many ways but losing the Christchurch Town Hall, its usual home has been a major blow. The CSO and its people have adapted, using different venues and coming up with creative new ideas for performances. Take a seat at one of the new concerts, Halloween, as you experience something special. Follow the CSO Outreach team and learn about the work they do each year with budding musicians in schools throughout the South Island.

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