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Are you Game to Teach?

Posted by Edwin McRae

When: 20 Jul 2012

Venue: AUT University, Room WF704, Level 7, WF Building, 42 Wakefield St, Auckland City

Fees: $160

Organiser: Marker Creative Workshops

Contact: http://markercreativeworkshops.co.nz/workshops/are-you-game-to-teach

Computer games and tablet apps allow students to engage with, explore, and apply skills and knowledge like never before.  And with Bring-Your-Own-Device either in place or just around the corner for most schools, games are set to play a vital role in classroom education.

But how do you we make these games count?  How to we make sure that play = learning?  Edwin McRae, teacher and game writer, will take you through the step-by-step process of building a Game to Learn unit for your subject.  You’ll look at how to find and select games that are in tune with your learning outcomes, how to scaffold learning through interactive play, how to monitor progress with game statistics and how to tailor-make a final assessment that ties into your curriculum area.

For the morning session we will explore units that Edwin has already created in order to understand the process of building a Game to Learn unit.  In the afternoon session, Edwin will facilitate the creation of your own Game to Learn units based on your teaching needs and the specifics of your curriculum areas.


Ideas for a Game to Learn unit for your curriculum area or an existing learning unit that you wish to adapt.