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InternetNZ: NetHui

Posted by Karen Spencer

When: 29 Jun 2011 - 1 Jul 2011

Venue: Sky City Convention Centre, Auckland [http://nethui.org.nz/venue]

Fees: $30.00 + GST

Organiser: http://nethui.org.nz/contact-us

Contact: www.nethui.org.nz

There is a broad remit to "consider both the potential social and economic benefits as well as the continuing challenges the Internet provides New Zealand" but of particular interest to this community is the "Education: Preparing youth for the future" stream. The education sessions are being planned openly and they invite the community to take part in shaping them here: http://nethui.org.nz/forum  

Current draft sessions of relevance: 

"Building a national education network (NEN)" "Changing nature of education provision" "Ubiquity in learning" "Teaching the teachers" "The ‘data’ explosion"