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iNET Educator Online Conference

Posted by Enabling e-Learning

When: 14 Nov 2011 - 21 Nov 2011

Venue: online

Fees: Free

Organiser: Debra Crouch | debra@cybertext.net.au

Contact: http://www.cybertext.net.au/educator_11/

*Due date for contributions: 17 October 2011

Head teachers, principals, teachers, education academics and policy-makers are invited to take part in the 14-21 November 2011 iNet online conference for educators.  This will focus on teachers and students co-constructing teaching and learning. The topic is ‘Learning in the hands of students’. There is no cost for participating in this internet-based, international event.

Register online

To participate, educators should register online at: http://www.cybertext.net.au/educator_11/

 Educators are invited to contribute resources for the conference website

Participants are invited to submit resources around the conference theme, for publication and discussion on the online conference website. Contributions could include essays, stories, videos, poems, Powerpoint presentations or audio files (podcasts). Some Focus Questions to get you started include:

 ·         How can teachers and students collaborate to co-construct teaching and learning experiences which engage and secure the best possible outcomes for all learners?

·         How can we ensure that the curriculum and experiences students are exposed to in school allow them to develop the skills and confidence to take responsibility for their own learning?

·         How have you worked with students in your school to provide inspiring engaging learning experiences which enable students to demonstrate innovation, imagination and successful collaboration with their peers and with their teachers?

·         What needs to happen to ensure that all school leaders and educators are up to the task of preparing students for success in an era of globalisation?

·         Rob Salkowitz in Young World Rising says that three forces are reshaping the world of the 21st century: youth, ICT and entrepreneurship. To what extent are these forces shaping the learning in your school?

·         Alan November’s paper - Digital Learning Farm  - provides ways that ‘we can restore the dignity and integrity of the child as a contributor.’ How are you using new technologies to make learning stimulating?

How to send your contribution

Your contribution should include your name, professional role, workplace and country. Please include a one-paragraph ‘About the author’ section at the end of your contribution. A photo of you, and one or several of your school, would also be greatly appreciated but is optional (if available, please send as separate jpeg file/s, saved at the highest possible resolution, and attached separately to the email – not embedded in the text).

 Contributions should be emailed to the iNet Online Conference Manager at: debra@cybertext.net.au by 17 October 2011 (please email to discuss possible time extensions).  If your file is too large to email, please contact the iNet online conference manager for alternative, online delivery options. Importantly, if you are planning to send a video or audio file, please email for the technical specifications.

Educators who aren’t able to submit any creative work are still most welcome to join the lively discussions on the 24/7 message boards.

For your information, a student-only online conference will be held on the same topic, during the same week as the educator online conference. For further information about this, educators should contact the iNet online conference manager or simply register students online at: http://www.cybertext.net.au/student_11/