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Educating children of the information age: Cafe Scientifique

Posted by Enabling e-Learning

When: 11 Oct 2011

Venue: Cafe Francais, Hamilton

Educating children of the information age: topic of Cafe Scientifique

Adolescents growing up in the 21st century are facing a very different world to that which their parents, grandparents and teachers grew up in.

For these children, using instant communication technologies such as email, texting and Facebook is second nature and having access to unlimited information through search engines such as Google and Wikipedia is not a novelty, but a part of everyday life.

It is for these reasons that the education they deserve and require must, by nature, be very different to anything which has been offered before.

Join Director of LENScience Jacquie Bay and science communicator Liz Carpenter at Hamilton’s October Cafe Scientifique, Tuesday 11 October at Cafe Francais, for their talk titled ‘It’s school Jim, but not as we knew it!’. Bay and Carpenter will discuss the idea of tailoring educational environments to enhance and foster the development of lifelong learning skills and competencies; an idea which can be applied over a range of contexts.

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