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Digital Resource: Integrating digital tools into innovative learning environments

Possibly more exciting than the America election today wink, is the release of the latest pick-up-and-go digital teacher resource; that brings together a small selection of resources from Enabling e-Learning (TKI) on how digital technologies can become an integral part of a pedagogically sound practices.

This teaching resource references key considerations for; integrating e-learning into Innovative learning environments (physical, social, pedagogical) as well as Quality learning environments (resourcing,  infrastructure). It also makes links to future focused themes such as; effective e-learning pedagogy, inclusive classrooms, learner agency, localised curriculum design, learning design and assessment for learning.














We'll continue to bring you more pick-up-and-go teacher resources for the rest of the year, in the meantime, dive in, let us know how you've been using them and tell us you'd like to see more of.

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