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Revised Technologies content in Enabling e-Learning

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There's so much to see in the revised Technologies content in the Enabling e-Learning website (TKI). Here you'll find easy-to-use and up-to-date support material on topics such as:

  • Communications technologies as well as technologies to support Māori learners and te reo Māori
  • Hardware, infrastructure and technical support
  • Strategic planning and review
  • Quality learning environments, 3D printing, 1:1 and cloud computing, data and software for learning, assistive technologies and more...

There is something for everybody; with practical tips and information, as well as technical support for schools starting out, or those continuing to build an e-learning rich environment for their learning community. https://elearning.tki.org.nz/Technologies

Check out the schools stories in the Media Gallery from around Aotearoa and tell us what you've enjoyed the most. We'd love to hear more.

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e-Learning: Technologies

e-Learning: Technologies

Where we explore how different technologies can support learning.