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Enabling e-Learning discussion: Engaging with the community at Newbury School

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Started by Tessa Gray 09 Sep 2020 3:15pm () Replies (1)

We learned a lot during COVID-19, especially how technology can help bridge the gap between, home, school and students and enable rich distance learning to be guided and facilitated by teachers.

In this latest Enabling e-Learning snapshot we take a look at how Newbury School responded to distance learning during COVID-19 and see; the importance of underpinning effective distance teaching and learning with school values, a focus on socialisation and collaboration while ensuring the diverse needs of the students and their whānau are being met.

As well as ensuring that all students had access to digital devices, Newbury School used digital technologies to make contact with parents and whanau to create personalised partnerships. For example, they communicated three different options for families to choose when selecting a distance teaching and learning approach:

  • Option 1 – Choose for your child to engage on a daily basis with teaching and learning.
  • Option 2 – Choose to engage sporadically when it suits you and your family or whānau.
  • Option 3 – Choose to not engage at all and provide other learning opportunities for your child.

This ensured that everyone was on the same page and there was some clarity and choice around how often students would be expected to engage in learning. They were also mindful of choices about how to engage online and made sure live sessions were recorded for those who needed to access the teaching and learning sessions at a time which suited them.  

Distance learning

Some of the lessons seen in other schools, meant sometimes both students and their whānau felt confused or ill-informed about timetables, learning tasks and expectations. Some of the lessons learned from this distance model makes for excellent reading. While none of us want to return to lockdown levels, being ready for the unknown means as educators, we’re doing everything we can to ensure our students have equitable access to meaningful learning experiences and opportunities.

Find out about more @ https://elearning.tki.org.nz/Snapshots-of-learning/Snapshots-of-Learning/Distance-teaching-and-learning-at-Newbury-School/Engaging-with-the-community-at-Newbury-School

What lessons have you taken away from COVID-19? We'd love to hear how your teachers and whānau worked together to support learners during this challenging time.

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