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Using digital tools to capture learning

During COVID-19, many of us experienced a more blended approach to teaching and learning using digital platforms to share and capture learning. Some schools are now conducting their three-way learning conversations online, using video tools like Google Hangouts and Zoom. Other schools have sought to create more frequent connections between home and school, where students can share their learning progress in real time and consistently over time beyond two reporting times a year.

This pick-up-and-go teacher resource curates digital platforms and processes that enable students to take ownership, share and reflect on their learning. This teaching resource links to; assessment for learning, digital tools (e-Portfolios) to support learner agency, as well as strengthening connections with family and whānau. There are also strong connections to current trends in education. 

Please feel free to use and share this resource with others. Tell us how you get on.














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Beyond the Classroom

Beyond the Classroom

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