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Managing multiple digital platforms - discussion pre-webinar

During COVID-19, many of us were thrown into a new reality charged with planning programmes of learning that were stimulating and sustaining; enabling students to socialise with each other, engage with content, create and co-construct new learning virtually - via synchronous (real time) or asynchronous (over time) events.


  • Covid and distance learningSome of us collated resources in Google Sites or prepared lesson content in our own intranet spaces and learning management systems like Moodle

  • Some of us introduced our lessons using Google Hangouts and Zoom video conferencing tools

  • Some made contact directly with students (groups and individuals) via email like Gmail, while others made contact via comments in Google docs, as well as sharing instructions in spaces like Google classroom

  • Some encouraged collaboration with learners and between learners using cloud-based platforms like Office 365 and Google Apps for education


For some, this was a lot to manage, especially for those of us who were (are) engaging with large numbers of students, for example; in a secondary context. So, how can we plan, prepare, deliver and be available to connect with our students in a timely and relevant manner, so that we can help with clarifying tasks, queries, issues, requests, as well as feedback about progress etc?


If you’re a teacher wanting to continue to blend learning using some of these tools, then you’ll enjoy the session with Warren Hall (this Thursday afternoon) as he shares ways to manage multiple platforms using tools like Hapara, Google Suite, Gmail, synchronised rubrics and more. See you there!


smiley LIVE WEBINAR: Managing multiple digital platforms with Warren Hall  23 July, 3.45 - 4.45pm 

As a result of COVID-19 and distance learning, many teachers found themselves using, creating, curating and managing digital content across multiple platforms. In this webinar, Warren Hall (Accredited Facilitator) will share some top tips on managing Google apps, Hapara, Gmail and Google Classrooms and more.  Bring along your questions (or ideas) about using these platforms and more. Target audience: Secondary. This discussion will be hosted in the Teaching group REGISTER NOW!

Image source: Flickr Marco Verch Professional Photographer and Speaker: Zoom - Video conferencing, Web conferencing, webinar application logo


  • Tessa Gray (View all users posts) 24 Jul 2020 10:18am ()

    A big huge thank you to Warren Hall yesterday for taking us through how to manage learning content, groups, documents and more using Hapara. We had a robust discussion about choosing and using these tools to best suit the needs of our learners using a blended e-learning approach to teaching and learning.

    You can view and access the presentation as well as the webinar recording below.

    There are definitely some great ideas to use in the classroom as well, especially if you're teaching a large number of students. There were also some great ideas for creating/negotiating visible rubrics and frameworks for assessment. Be sure to check out Doctopus and Goobricsmiley Many other great tips and support can be found @ https://elearning.tki.org.nz/Technologies.

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