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DISCUSSION POST: How do students travel with their data?

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Started by Tessa Gray 06 Nov 2019 8:02pm () Replies (1)

How do students (and teachers) travel with their data?

Cloud dataIt's fast approaching that time of the year, when students and teachers either transition from one school to another, or leave school altogether.

This week we're lucky enough to have Clive Francis and Karl Summerfield (previously from the Connected Learning Advisory) craft a new resource, What to do with User Accounts and Digital Data when Students and Teachers leave your school?

This resource talks about who owns data, migration processes and makes some suggestions about a number of different apps and services that are typically used in schools. You’re invited to contribute to this doc where the need arises. What's missing and can you help add some recommendations for others?
What do you find is typical practice in your school? What are the most commonly asked questions about shifting/moving data across and between platforms? What are your suggestions and/or solutions. Feel free to add these here.

Please note: If the view below is too difficult to navigate, go straight to the Google doc itself. Please note: To view this doc below in it's entirety, click on the 100% (in the document itself) and scroll down to Fit.


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