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New information from moderation research at http://www.nzcer.org.nz/

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Started by Dianne Smardon 19 Aug 2011 3:11pm () Replies (1)

 NZCER has begun a research project on the learning that can happen as teachers moderate student work. The project will explore what happens as schools enact moderation, and how moderation processes might be enhanced to support teacher professional learning that leads to changes in practice. Primary schools teachers now need to assess student work in relation to National Standard benchmarks. Moderation conversations that provide rich professional learning about possible avenues for lifting achievement in the classroom will be needed to support that work. Chief researcher Rosemary Hipkins and researcher Sally Robertson’s literature synthesis, Moderation and Teacher Learning, explores opportunities for professional learning that might occur when teachers work together to moderate their judgements about students’ work.

15 August 2011

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