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Started by Warren Grieve 16 Oct 2018 9:00am () Replies (4)

Hi all... we have apple profile manager as our MDM. Anyone else using this? We are having a few issues I would like feedback on, mainly around it not deploying changes in setup correctly. 


  • redbeard45 (View all users posts) 16 Oct 2018 10:46am ()

    Hi Warren, Iʻve had huge issues with Profile Manager over the last year or so in 5 schools where Iʻve used it. I like its simplicity and it is still easier with fewer steps than others to do certain things however ...

    It pooches itself very easily, particularly if the setup company (wonʻt mention name) didnʻt put someone as the email contact for when the push certificate / VPP tokens are falling due. Major work if these expire!!

    Iʻve been to more than one Apple run iPad Management session where Apple Techs themselves have said "Donʻt use PM, Donʻt use PM...." and Iʻve spent a lot of time on the phone to Apple (6 hours on the last Sunday of the hols end of Term 2) rebuilding the server, etc trying to get PM back running again. Often Iʻve found a server restart can help when things arenʻt going out, but that is awkward in a busy school...  and Iʻve basically given up on it...

    I did a lot of investigation into various MDMs and spoke to Apple Techs when we HAD to change at one school and I ended up going the Mosyle way. They offer a free month trial and its only $7 per device per year after that and the free trial is still working well! They donʻt stop it after a month, just some extra features canʻt be used which hasnʻt been a problem. Very easy to set up - they have got this well sorted, and support, for the couple of times Iʻve needed it, has been brilliant - despite criticism from some quarters that there wouldnʻt be support with a free version!

    Only criticism is that it is designed for someone to manage a large school district in the US so you can have multiple schools, classes, teachers, etc, etc managed to the inth degree. So for the smaller schools I work in, you have to wade through a bit of extra to find just the bit you want, but that may be a plus in your situation??? It seems to be the flavour of the month with many schools in NZ at the moment, no paying an outside company hundreds (thousands) to set up, and so far its working well... While I liked PM for certain reasons, Iʻm very pleased to have moved on.

    Hope this helps

    Howard P

  • William Hamilton (View all users posts) 16 Oct 2018 10:59am ()

    Morena Warren, would you like to document your issues and see what comes up?  I manage ICT for a few schools, one of which uses PM for their MDM.  Limited features but so far it is working well enough for the price :)



  • Sarah Parker (View all users posts) 17 Oct 2018 7:20am ()

    Our school uses Zulu desk - it is really easy and very fast.


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