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New Collaborative Partners

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Started by merryl 16 Sep 2018 6:10am () Replies (7)

Hi everyone

We are considering developing some new collaborative teaching partners in our Innovative Learning Hubs. This has got me thinking about how do you best support collaborative partners to come together? How do you best place people to work with each other? What guidelines are there out there for this? What is the best process?

We are new collaborative partnerships formed in ILE's is there any guiding documentation out there that these teachers can use to help them make decisions around the new practice they create together? eg, when will they work? How will they plan? 

I'm very interested in any thoughts/documentation/sites on this topic to ensure strong collaborative partnerships are built when people come together to collaboratively teach.

Ngā mihi, Merryl


  • Tessa Gray (View all users posts) 28 Sep 2018 11:04am ()

    Kia ora Merryl, an exciting journey you're about embark on. I've tagged @Rebbecca Sweeney, @Angela Vermeulen and @Mark Maddren who are excellent coaches and mentors with this kaupapa. Rebbecca helped to write the CORE Education's Collaboration framework, which is a great place to start.

    You might also like the following links and resources from Enabling e-Learning as well:

    I'll also send the word out in the wider network and see what comes back. smiley

  • merryl (View all users posts) 14 Oct 2018 8:28pm ()

    Thanks Tessa. I am now back into this after having a break and writing reports. Thank you for your links and sharing this further.



  • Oscarsranch (View all users posts) 28 Sep 2018 11:31am ()

    This is rather timely as I have moved into a new collaborative relationship. I look forward to following the thread.


  • merryl (View all users posts) 14 Oct 2018 8:30pm ()


    Can I ask how you were chosen to be in the collaborate group you are in? Were you involved with the decision? As a collaborative group do you have a group of agreed principles that guide your working hours, planning, routines etc?




  • Mark Maddren (View all users posts) 02 Oct 2018 11:27am ()

    Kia ora Meryl,
    I personally think the Five Dysfunctions of a Team are a good starting point for building relationships and trust in a team and I use the guidance for building relational trust everytime I start working with a new team or group of people.
    A mutually agreed team expectation (MATES) is worth investing in, however, only if it is revisited and embedded as part of the team dynamics. There is a great resource on Grow Waitaha from Christchurch that goes into more detail. Here is the link - http://www.growwaitaha.co.nz/our-stories/shirley-primary-school-using-team-charters-for-collaborative-practice/.
    The advantage is there are a lot of hubs out there and I guess connecting with local schools is the way to go. Where in NZ are you as I may be able to connect you with some other educators?

  • merryl (View all users posts) 14 Oct 2018 8:33pm ()

    Hi Mark


    Thank you for your reply and links. We are in New Plymouth and have been developing Collaborative Hubs (each with 2 teachers) over the last two years.  The Hubs really were created quite naturally with people who worked together anyhow for a lot of tings. Now we feel it may be timely for some hubs to change.


    I'm not sure how Hubs decided on when they would work? Who would do what etc? What I find out now may help as we create new pairs or even those who remain in the same collaborative Hub in 2019.

    Thanks, Merryl

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