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INTERVIEW WITH A GURU: Makerspace with Digital Technologies in a primary classroom

This month, we’re very privileged to bring you an interview with Warren Grieve (ICT Facilitator/ Digital Technologies Specialist, Medbury School), who talks about Digital Technologies being part of mobile Makerspaces.

Some of you might know Warren already, seen his work online or familiar with his experience supporting the teaching of Digital Technologies in all classes at Medbury School. Warren has also been generous enough to create the VLN group, Digital Technologies: Ideas, implementation, inspiration for the new curriculum. In this group, Warren has shared resources (digital tools, lesson ideas) and invited us to engage in conversations around implementing Digital Technologies - Learning with/through and more recently about Digital Technologies.

In this video (10.45min), Warren talks about supporting all staff to bring learning outcomes (both Designing and Developing Digital Outcomes and Computational Thinking) into authentic classroom contexts - much like we would with Te Reo Māori.

Warren says, These experiences (teaching Digital Technologies) are very few and far between"The big thing we want to do at the end of the day is to impact learning." "As we integrate these technologies, we ask ourselves, how often are we exposing the kids to the skills, knowledge and even vocabulary of the units?" and one of the challenges is, "How are we going to integrate it in such a way that means the kids are actually moving on and the learning outcomes are being achieved and they're having enough experience in those."

Find out more about how they're achieving this in a natural way at Medbury school.

Note: Some portions of this video have Internet interference.

What do you think of Warren's question, Is Digital Technologies the same as e-Learning? I know Warren would love to hear your thoughts there.

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