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Question: Which robots?!

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Started by Emily Bagrie 13 Apr 2018 9:23am () Replies (2)

Hi there, just wondering if I can have some advice from those of you who use robots in class please? :) Here's the deal: Our school currently has a few spheros and edison bots. We are looking at investing in a few more of these and another type of robot so each year level has a sort of progression and gets to use a range of robotics and digital tech skills during their schooling. We are already using code.org for coding skills as well. So, I was thinking it might be good to do the following: Year 1-2 Blue Bots (better version of bee bots) Year 3-4 Edisons and Year 5-6 Spheros. THE QUESTION I HAVE IS: I haven't used these extensively enough to know if this is a good match and if they would be sustainable long term or not? Have I made a good choice of robots or should we invest in something else?! ANY advice would be much appreciated, if you've managed to read this far that is :P. Thanks!


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