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Te Wiki o te Reo Māori

Started by Anaru White 11 Sep 2017 1:59pm () Replies (6)

Kia ora tātou e whakanui ana i tēnei wiki o tī tātou reo.

Links to resources to support Te Wiki o te Reo Māori. If you have any to add please comment below.


  • Sam McNeill (View all users posts) 12 Sep 2017 1:01pm ()

    Kia ora Ānaru,

    Tessa suggested I cross-post my message from the MLE thread earlier this morning in here and I'm happy to do so.

    I'm sure most of you know that it is Te Wiki O Te Reo Māori this week and this has got me thinking.... how can we cherish the taonga that is our Reo and could technology play a role in connecting aspiring learners who wish to kōrero Māori more with an older generation who perhaps have the time to support them in this.

    I freely admit I've borrowed some of my thinking from Sugata Mitra (and let's be honest, he's not a bad source of inspiration!) and blogged a few musings down here:


    Wouldn't it be wonderful if a resource like this Kuia Cloud (Granny Cloud) existed to help our ākonga become more fluent?

    I'm not suggesting I have all the answers here but certainly wanting to spark the conversation and see if collectively there was something that could come to fruition from this spark of an idea!

    Ngā mihi nui,


  • Sam McNeill (View all users posts) 13 Sep 2017 4:03pm ()

    Kia ora Rachel,

    Great to get your insights into what has worked or not worked. I do know Michael Brick but did not realise he was on the governance team.

    I think the reason why the original "grannies in schools" concept worked was because they were not really required to be "teaching" in the formal sense as we might understand it. Instead, they were simply talking conversationally with the students and in doing so help them master English better.

    That is, to some extent, what I was thinking of for this as well - the idea that for someone like me who I would describe as a beginner, could actually have an opportunity to kōrero with a fluent speaker who is happy to simply be patient and talk back and correct me where necessary. Not a trained teacher (who should be paid for their skills and expertise), but someone who does have time and is happy to volunteer to simply be available and chat a few hours a week. 

    The reality is, for many people they don't know anyone first hand who can competently kōrero Māori and so to be able to connect digitally with someone who is patient and encouraging would be fantastic. I had someone respond via email to my original blog and say as an adult learner they were unaware of options in this space (of course, there are a few e.g. TWOA, most Polytechnics etc).

    So, my ambitions would not be to replace the very real need for schools to be doing more and delivering better in this space for our current students, but merely to supplement what is/is not being done with a service where people can safely practice their Reo and be encouraged and nurtured.

    Again, thanks for your thoughts and wisdom from your experience.

    Ngā mihi,


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