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FORUM: Collaboration in Kahui Āko

Today is the dayThe day has finally arrived for us to dive in and share our CoL stories - awesome some of us have been waiting a while. Communities of Learning | Kahui āko look different for everyone involved. Some CoLs have been established and under way for over a year, others are more recent. Leaders are now appointed who (in some cases) may have always worked with students or in small groups, who now work (and learn) alongside fellow colleagues as coaches and mentors.

No doubt you’ll want to share what’s on top for you, your role and your CoL. We invite you share any celebrations, frustrations, wonderings or ideas. All of which could also benefit others on a similar journey. For example, what do 'teachers as leaders' look like as you support each other during this professional learning process.

We’d also like to tease out the theme around collaboration. If we jump forward a little and assume your CoL has a shared vision, goals have been negotiated, a structure is in place, personnel have been appointed and roles assigned, then we can ask, now what? What does collaboration mean and do we know if we're successful in a collaborative model? It might be helpful to define what we mean by the term collaboration.

If we agree that teaching isn’t an isolated instance and that collectively we can make practice-based decisions that can ultimately lead to improved student outcomes, then what does collaboration look like beyond sharing?

edTalks: Collaboration beyond sharing, Rebbecca Sweeney

If the idea of collaboration is something that is new or needs further teasing out, then you might like to use a self-review tools like the Collaboration Framework (CORE Education) that can be used to help groups identify:

  • What effective collaboration that makes a difference for learners looks like

  • Next steps towards becoming a more effective collaborative group

  • A way of monitoring progress towards the collaborative state

If you are using this framework or something similar, we'd love to hear how this supports your CoL’s vision and goals.

Our CoL stories

Your turn, so what’s happening at your place? Tell us a little about your CoL, your role and what you hope to collectively achieve over the time you work together. ie:

  • What does leadership look like for you? Do you have role clarity for those involved within school and beyond? How are you building relational trust?
  • What does professional inquiry look like? Is it collaborative? What sort of evidence-based practice/frameworks are you using?
  • How are you addressing needs-based goals between and across schools? How will know if these have been achieved or successful?

We’d love to hear more.

Please feel free to introduce yourselves (just like others have started to already) and add your own stories below. If commenting, you can also acknowledge the stories that come before and find pathways to build on new knowledge/reflections. Similarly if you have any questions, feel free to ask, that way we'll strive to model collaboration in action. smiley

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  • Tessa Gray (View all users posts) 17 Oct 2017 4:14pm ()

    This is very generous of you to host and to share Sonya (as always). It was also lovely to see you at uLearn smiley

    I'm going to dive in soon and enjoy hearing/seeing these Kāhui Ako stories. 

    Enabling e-Learning has also published a page for Communities of Learning | Kāhui Ako as well as some fresh-off-the-printing-press video stories from schools. The more schools/kura/Cols share their stories so far, the better smiley!

  • Tessa Gray (View all users posts) 31 Oct 2017 4:41pm ()

    Here’s a great update from Rotorua Central Kāhui Ako leader, Nancy Macfarlane about the developments in their CoL.

    Interesting to hear how they started with a 'theory of improvement' and then developed a comprehensive implementation plan that broke down how they were going to achieve every aspect within the 'theory of Improvement'. Then came a strategic plan with achievement goals to address over four years and a realisation (after working with their Expert Partner) that a vision and charter for the CoL as a whole was needed as well.

    Enabling e-Learning: Developing an action plan and strategic framework

    This little video shows just how organic and fluid the process for Kāhui Ako are as they collectively address the achievement goals within and across their schools.

    Has your Kāhui Ako started by clarifying a vision across the CoL or collated common needs/goals in a collaborative strategic planDo you have a similar or different story to share? 

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