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FORUM: Project based learning

My stepson visited his local secondary school recently to hear how to apply for the inquiry class. He came home from open night pretty excited, “I think I could really enjoy learning this way” he said. I responded, “I think everyone would enjoy learning this way". Interesting to note; during the evening parents wanted to know how a Yr 9/10 programme like this would affect their children's learning (NCEA) in the following years.

Even though primary school teaching often lends itself more easily to this kind of approach to learning, some secondary schools have also been teaching this way..

Fraser High School curriculum integration project – students reflect

Want to know more? Enabling e-Learning has updated the page on Project-based learning – a teaching approach that provides opportunities for students to investigate and respond to engaging and complex questions, problems, or challenges.The essential elements of project-based learning are:

  • Key knowledge, understanding, and success skills 
  • A challenging problem or question 
  • Sustained inquiry 
  • Authenticity 
  • Student voice and choice 
  • Reflection 
  • Critique and revision 
  • Public product 

There are fantastic frameworks (student inquirychallenge based learning) to help create authentic learning contexts for students including; developing financial capability (NZC), PREP, skills etc. You might have heard of the Genius Hour or already teaching this way in your school?

We'd love for you share some practical ideas and examples of PBL by adding your comments below. For example,

  • Do you have design learning opportunities with one or more of these elements? What does this look like?
  • What do you think the benefits or challenges of teaching this way are?
  • What do you think is missing or what would you do differently?

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