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iPad music group performance mix?

Started by Carol Kendall 18 Jul 2017 4:12pm () Replies (13)

I would love to try creating a small iPad music 'band', with perhaps 5 or 6 students on their own iPads, playing instruments. I am 'barely' a musician, and certainly don't know the terminology for the equipment I would need, but I think I would need to join each iPad with an audio cable, to some sort of mixer (?) (so we could control the balance of the instruments being played), and then into a speaker - could be mono or stereo? I have a large speaker that would be fine for now.

I don't want to rely on wifi or bluetooth connections, so I know I'll need to get the audio cables, and this will mean an issue with the length of the cables being adequate for people to be able to sit or stand apart to perform. More cost, too...

I would like to do something simple, but along the lines of North Point's iBand Christmas Performance. Or BHS's iPad band (with a lot fewer students)!

Is there anything available in New Zealand (mixer?, assuming that's what I need) that is under $200 that would do the job? Are any of you doing this with primary school children? 


  • Carol Kendall (View all users posts) 18 Jul 2017 4:32pm ()

    Thanks for the quick response, Rachel. At this stage, I'm not so much looking at composition, but performance as a band and how to connect several devices without relying on the internet. My lack of knowledge in this area is preventing this happening. 

  • Carol Kendall (View all users posts) 18 Jul 2017 7:47pm ()

    Ah yes! Great idea, thanks Innes!

  • Carol Kendall (View all users posts) 24 Jul 2017 7:47pm ()

    Excellent, thank you Linda! Gosh, I had no idea there were so many types of cables and connectors. It certainly is something I've been wondering about. I've just heard back from Ash as well, so will put the ideas together and try to sort something out. This information should be useful for everyone!

    Do you have students doing this? Anything little video clips of the students in action? Would love to see what Kiwi kids are doing with iPad music performances.

  • Carol Kendall (View all users posts) 25 Jul 2017 2:52pm ()

    Ha - wow - thanks for pulling that out again, and the link to your page with the additional resources is awesome. This music performance stuff isn't something that comes naturally to me, but I used to do classroom orchestra work in my classroom (back in the day) using 'real' school instruments of the day such as recorders, glockenspiels, shakers, drums etc. I'd like to do something similar with a small group and just using iPads.

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