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New Draft Digital Technologies Consultation and Feedback

Check out the release here: http://elearning.tki.org.nz/News/Consultation-on-new-digital-technologies-content-for-the-National-Curriculum

New Draft Digital Technologies Curriculum here.

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  • Tessa Gray (View all users posts) 07 Jul 2017 1:22pm ()

    Infographic digital technology for learning

    I haven't dived into all of these articles/blogs shared yet (I will), but agree about having a healthy view point like Allanah says. We should always be questioning what we do/teach in terms of validity for our students (now and the future), which makes me happy to hear how educators being involved from a practical 'rubber hits the road' point of view, thanks Ginette.

    It's also timely to look at what the research is telling us and this blog post from Samuel McNeill, Digital technologies for Learning, what the research says is a great summary of the research from NZCER about digital technologies use in Years 1-8. The infographics and succinct reports are an invaluable snapshot of digital technologies in NZ schools. 

    There is also an acknowledgement that there are (and will be) some challenges for educators, such as resourcing, tools and teacher capability (PLD needed). NZTech Advance Education Technology Summit: Leading for 21st Century Learning

    P.S I remember similar responses when we changed the Curriculum in 2007-2008, and again when we introduced languages across the Curriculum...

    As Ginette says, to avoid having this done to us, let's get involved in the consultation, I'm booked into a local workshop already.


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