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Started by Helen Moore 31 May 2017 2:58pm () Replies (8)

Hi, I am new to VLN and am looking for some help/advice about improving science in my school. While not discouraged, science is not also not actively encouraged and my research shows two main reasons - teachers are not confident in their scientific ability and there has been no PLD in science for a number of years (if at all). We have 3 digital classrooms with more coming online. We are a small low decile school in rural Northland so money is tight but I am looking for some strategies I could use to engage the teachers and use the wider science community to help with this. Any suggestions gratefully received.


  • Ally (View all users posts) 26 Jun 2017 1:14pm ()

    Hi Helen

    I agree with Joy completely that it is hard to separate out the different capabilities. However, I do think it would be really good to focus your science inquiries on capabilities rather than contextual strands. When the science capabilities were developed the dream was that they would help teachers refocus their teaching of science. Many of the teachers I have worked with have found foregrounding a particular capability initially is great for building their own understanding of that capability. Really happy to talk more about this - and I am quite often in Northland if you want to talk face to face. The "I see, I think, I wonder" strategy Joy mentions is a great starting place - and the recent Connected journals focus on the various capabilities.

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