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HELP! How do I reply to this comment from a staff member? Suggestions please!

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Started by Pam Dacey 28 May 2017 10:45pm () Replies (2)

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  • Heather Houston (View all users posts) 29 May 2017 9:45pm ()

    My reply would be 

    The skills might be the same but the methods are now different.  We now have 5 year old's playing on a x box or Play Station or online games that can be played with people over the other side of the world.  The accessibility of cell phones and online access breeds a different type of student.  Information is available on line in real time, we no longer have to wait for the morning paper.  If you believe that today's skill requirements are the same as ten years ago you are doing your students a dis-service.   To prove the point, go and challenge a 8 year old to their favorite online game and then watch and be amazed and then bring that commitment and skill they have for the game into your classroom.

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