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Diving into Seesaw

Started by Tessa Gray 30 Mar 2017 10:41am () Replies (4)

Yesterday afternoon we had an inspiring Seesaw webinar presented to us by Katrina Laurie and Nicki Tempero, both official Ambassadors for Seesaw. The room was packed, so we split into two groups and engaged in a hands-on session using Seesaw on our mobile devices.

Screenshot of Seesaw webinar

If you missed this webinar, you can watch the recording. If you want to go through the hands-on session at your own pace, you can access the Google presentation below.

Please note: The shared code at the beginning of this session is now unavailable, but you can still navigate Seesaw for yourself.

For more advice and support, please feel free to contact Katrina and Nicki directly. Keep an eye out for a follow up webinar on ways to use Seesaw in the classroom and as a reflective tool for your own PRTs.

All feedback on this session welcome.


  • KatrinaL (View all users posts) 03 Apr 2017 1:42pm ()

    Kia ora Louise

    Fantastic to hear that you watched the webinar recording and found it useful. 

    I really like the way you are thinking about how you are going to get your students to use Seesaw and the connecting with their parents/whānau- this gives them an authentic audience. I agree that it is an easier interface to use than Blogger.

    For the older students they can change their profile picture- this will give them some ownership and also so it it won't look so much like a 'younger student' space. 

    Go well and I'm looking forward to hearing how your journey goes. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions here :)

    Ngā mihi,


  • Louise Gray (View all users posts) 01 Apr 2017 5:48pm ()

    Thank you Katrina, I loved your webinar. I did not join the live webinar, I just watched the recording but it was at just the right level and pace for a newbie like me.

    have just stumbled across seesaw and saw it as a much better alternative to blogger which I was trying to use with my class before. I have just set up seesaw with my year 9 electronics class (so they are older than most of your users!)

    For their electronics project, I wanted them to record their reflections on their collaborative efforts, design thinking, photos of their progress and problem solving. Also wanted students to share their work with parents or families in the islands for example. Just started using it, so I will let you know how it goes! but it looks fantastic and so much easier and user friendly than blogger.

  • KatrinaL (View all users posts) 31 Mar 2017 9:24am ()

    Thanks to everyone that joined us. Please do fill in the feedback and we would love to hear from anyone that would like another session like this (a dive into session), a session extending how you can use Seesaw (App smashing, PRT portfolio, assessment). 

    How are you using Seesaw in your learning environment? 

    Ngā mihi, Katrina :)

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