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To what extent do innovative learning environments support 21st Century Skill Development?

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Started by Karen Hughes 26 Mar 2017 12:06pm () Replies (9)

Hi All

I am on the hunt for research that supports/challenges the presumption that ILE's provide opportunities for 21st century skill development (communication, problem solving, collaboration etc) over traditional classroom settings.  Has anyone read any good articles around the environment (especially in ILE's)  as the third teacher?


  • Tessa Gray (View all users posts) 31 Mar 2017 11:37am ()

    Kia ora Karen, there's some references to what is influencing our thinking about modern, flexible, open learning environments in this Enabling e-Learning blog post, What do tomorrow's classrooms look like?

    I'm not sure about direct references between innovative classrooms and traditional teaching and learning, but the following research makes connections between constructivist (as opposed to teacher dominated) theories of learning and pedagogical instruction/spaces:

    You might also like to directly message Keir Whipp who quoted some research in, Learning leading in a digital world.

    Also see Enabling e-Learning's Innovative Learning Environments resources

  • Karen Hughes (View all users posts) 27 Mar 2017 8:32pm ()

    Thanks John - sure have read his thesis.  I agree ... it is a good read  

  • John Willoughby (View all users posts) 27 Mar 2017 8:28pm ()

    Hey Karen,

    Not sure if you have come across Neill O'Reilly's Thesis (2016) 'The Key Components to creating effective collaborative Teaching and Learning Environments'. It is NZ research etc.  Pretty good read and may help you. 



  • Stu Morrison (View all users posts) 27 Mar 2017 11:54am ()

    Hi there

    I also am very interested in this. It is the topic of a literature review I am just starting as part of a mindlab course I am currently involved in.

    I was thinking of looking at it from the perspective of lifting student achievement and I like the angle you are taking as well. I would be very interested to see what research there is out there supporting both sides of the fence. 

    I would also love to hear from anyone that is teaching in one of these environments and their take on it.

    Cheers, Stu

  • Debbie Marshall (View all users posts) 27 Mar 2017 9:39am ()

    Hi Karen 

    When we were implementing ILE in our school I found an article from Victoria, Australia very useful as it linked the pedagogy with the learning environment. The collaborative learning environments provide greater opportunities for flexibility, innovation and collaboration in teaching and learning. The biggest challenge for teachers is around the concept of "our" space, students, plans, ways of doing things etc rather than 'My' way.


  • Debbie Leeming (View all users posts) 26 Mar 2017 4:32pm ()

    I too am interested in this and also any research around ILE's and students on the autism spectrum.  Are there suggestions for modifying spaces for those with sensory issues etc?

  • marglnz (View all users posts) 26 Mar 2017 5:00pm ()

    Hi Debbie < I am looking at this as part of my sabbatical this term . I have nearly finished a web site of much of my findings.Here is the link but please bear in mind, its just my ideas and I am doing it because I am passionate about making a difference.    http://marglnz.weebly.com    You are welcome to view it and get ideas but I have found that the more I learn the more I don't know !!! In a nut shell, I have found the essential thing regardless of single class, or dual or trio is the relationship between the teacher-child- parents... I am developing ( separate from the website ) for your teachers some guides and hints ( trying to keep it simple ) and also for our parents . It won't be on the web site but I could share it with you when I have finished developing it if you are interested. 

    My biggest discovery has been becoming aware of the parents 's journey and just how tough it is for them .. Anyway fire me questions and I will try my best to answer them. 

    Marg Lelieveld   


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