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QR Codes: How do you use yours?

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Started by Enabling e-Learning 18 Aug 2011 9:35am () Replies (3)

Here are a few ideas that have been kicked around this week in the MLE Reference group forum, for using QR Codes:

  • They can hold a geographic location, and the smart phone will open the appropriate app and show the location when the code is read. 
  • They can hold and instruction for the phone to dial a number or send an SMS to a number, or send an email to an address (phone user must confirm, so can't use for evil stuff)
  • They can hold contact information for addition to phone's address book.
  • I have user QR for these on my Android, probably there are more uses. There are online utilities to take your info as input and create the QR code for you e.g. http://zxing.appspot.com/generator/   [Mike Etheridge]

Fun uses:
   - Put QR codes next to trees/plants around the school that link to info
   about that species of  (or any other natural or man made object to learn
   more about them and their history)
   - Use QR codes for a treasure hunt where students have to answer
   questions correctly to get the clue to find the next QR code
   - Use QR codes on equipment that link to pages that describe what the
   equipment does and how to operate
   - Put QR codes on the doors of classrooms that link to the classroom's
   - QR codes on rooms linked to online room booking services, 'rules and
   regulations', reporting problems etc.

I just made up a set of posters that enable users to connect to our wireless network by scanning a QR code. I used http://www.qrstuff.com/ which is a great site. Scanning the code connects users to an SSID, (provides a password if necessary) and opens a browser ready to go- all by scanning a QR code!

Only supported by Android and you'd need to think carefully before putting a password into the code (in case outsiders used it). This isn't a problem for us because our wireless is open, with authentication required once a user tries to browse somewhere (works like an internet cafe).

Allanak King has also blogged about using them in her school.

QR Codes - how do you use yours?


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