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Enabling e-Learning forum | Authentic Curriculum in action

Inquisitive children To be curious, to wonder why and to want to change the world around us - is what makes us human. The challenge for teachers is to provide authentic learning opportunities, so that our students can do what comes naturally for us all - be inquisitive problem solvers.


As previously discussed in, FORUM: 7 principles of learning | Building horizontal connections, 16th August - 16th September the challenge for teachers is to ‘build horizontal connections’ between subjects and knowledge as well as wider into society, the community and across the globe. Some areas that teachers should consider (amongst others) when designing learning to build horizontal connections include:

  • Have real-world relevance
  • Provide authentic activities and tasks

  • Provide access to expert performances and the modelling of processes

  • Provide the opportunity to collaborate

  • Provide the opportunity to reflect

  • Tasks are seamlessly integrated with assessment

Röyksopp - Remind Me - music video features a day in the life of a woman working in the London's Square Mile solely through infographics; this includes labelled close-ups of everyday objects, product lifecycles, schematic diagrams, charts etc. 



How this can this video be used to inspire an authentic learning experience (more localised to NZ)?

An Innovative learning pedagogy is driven by understandings around how authentic, personalised learning that can enable our students to have more engagement, ownership and agency over their learning. Some delivery models and frameworks to support these theories include:




The Portal Unity Project- Enabling e-Learning

In this video, Year 13 student Daniel Cowpertwait describes his Portal Unity Project and how the authentic real world context has provided many opportunities for learning across the curriculum.


One resource that enables students to engage in authentic learning at their place, when they haven’t left their place (global, national, local issues) is LEARNZ virtual field trips. In the following interviews, Barrie Matthews tells us more about LEARNZ:


1. Tell us about Learnz



2. Why go on a virtual field trip?



3. How do the children engage with the Learnz teachers?



4. How do these relate to the NZ Curriculum?



5. What do we need to pack and how do we get organised for a virtual field trip?



smiley Webinar: Authentic Learning across the curriculum, Thursday 23rd March, 3.45pm.


In this event, we’re lucky enough to hear from Fleur Knight (Murrays Bay Primary School) who’s passionate about making learning real for kids. She shares an important initiative for her students locally and nationally.


Equally passionate secondary science teacher, Tony Cairns shares Wellington High Schools’ collaboration with community and professional experts and the fun and powerful learning connections that have resulted from this. See a snippet of Tony's story below.



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  • What questions do you have about authentic learning?
  • What models, frameworks and examples would you like to see more of?
  • How do your students engage in authentic learning contexts or inspire and initiate them?

We'd love to hear from you. More problem-based learning resources coming from Enabling e-Learning very soon. Watch this space.


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