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What does LT Planning in a collaborative learning space look like...

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Started by Carly Kidd 28 Feb 2017 10:34am () Replies (6)

Kia Ora,

I've been searching, thinking and discussing with some of my Colleagues Long term planning for reading, writing and maths...

We currently have 5 teachers in our year7/8 team using student data to drive teaching programmes. By this I mean analysing what students need, offering workshops on a 2 -4 week cycle (all referenced to LIs and SC) and students sign up based on their own analysis of their assessments ( all based on NZC of course!). Planning is very collaborative and I feel, meeting the individual needs of our students. This of course changes based on whether a student grasps the concept or not, students and teachers make this decision together (where possible).

So my question that I would like your help with is... does LT planning have a place in this environment? And if so how does it fit- without planning overload?

Has anyone out there mastered this? Have advice/ideas about it? Or trialling formats that they are willing to share?

Thanks in advance!



  • traceycringle (View all users posts) 12 Mar 2017 12:28pm ()

    I think Steve has the answer - the LTPs need to have 'wriggle room'. A colleague of mine teaches in a Reggio-inspired school and they are unable to plan ahead because they don't know in which direction the students will want to go. That said, you do need to profile your class carefully, and know exactly what needs students have and be plan to address them within the confines of the learning opportunities that arise.

    Has anyone else out there got some challenging 'big ideas' that they use to theme their way through the year?

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