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What does LT Planning in a collaborative learning space look like...

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Started by Carly Kidd 28 Feb 2017 10:34am () Replies (6)

Kia Ora,

I've been searching, thinking and discussing with some of my Colleagues Long term planning for reading, writing and maths...

We currently have 5 teachers in our year7/8 team using student data to drive teaching programmes. By this I mean analysing what students need, offering workshops on a 2 -4 week cycle (all referenced to LIs and SC) and students sign up based on their own analysis of their assessments ( all based on NZC of course!). Planning is very collaborative and I feel, meeting the individual needs of our students. This of course changes based on whether a student grasps the concept or not, students and teachers make this decision together (where possible).

So my question that I would like your help with is... does LT planning have a place in this environment? And if so how does it fit- without planning overload?

Has anyone out there mastered this? Have advice/ideas about it? Or trialling formats that they are willing to share?

Thanks in advance!



  • Carly Kidd (View all users posts) 28 Apr 2017 5:31pm ()

    Thanks everyone for your replies, at this stage I am still unsure of what is expected... what will ERO expect to see? I am not one for planning for planning sake, so I really want to make sure that what we are doing is, first and foremost - meeting the needs of our students and supporting/maximising teaching and learning. So at this stage we are still going to complete LT plans which is of course based on student needs from e-asTTle testing, teacher observations and other sources. Here is a sample template that I have created and is being trialled in our school. It is something that I have adapted over the last few years from a previous school and have made changes to, to hopefully make it purposeful in an ILE with 5 teachers. The idea would be that all teachers can see and share resources if they are teaching similar concepts and if one teacher has a concept that you may have lots of great links/tools for that you can easily drop them into their resources section. The most valuable part for us is the modelling books used for each reading group (not on the plan, but would be linked to it in the resources section) this is shared with the reading group to be able to work in and other students to view. It enables students to have access anytime and the teaching team to see what is being taught and use ideas from each other.

     Feedback gratefully received! Thanks in advance :)


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