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Play based learning in years 1 to 3

Started by Tetli 14 Feb 2017 1:21pm () Replies (3)

Hi all

I work in an innovative learning environment with 3 other mentors and 90 children in years 1 to 3. I am wanting ideas of how to incorporate play based learning / discovery time so that the 5 year olds and the 8 year olds all benefit.

Ideas / thoughts anyone?

I was hoping there would be others running programmes like this in Otago (i'm in Queenstown) that I could come and visit later in the term.


Tetli (Shotver Primary School)


  • MrsP (View all users posts) 27 Mar 2017 5:40am ()

    Hi, I too would like to hear how others achieve this.

    This has been a source of discussion between myself and my co teacher for a while now. I'm working in an amazing, small rural school and our space is newly renovated.  We are a two teacher team with TA every morning, and between 30- 40 children depending on intake and time of year. We have NE-3 in our 'hub' and currently do a weekly afternoon session of 'action stations'; we use this learning time to really focus closely on social skills/courtesies and the key competencies. We take a turn about weekly to find a STEM type challenge or interest which we endeavour to 'sell' at the start of our session towards our older children.

    Unfortunately we are a little south of Christchurch so a visit is probably not that easy. But I'm keen to hear other ideas, challenges, solutions etc. 

    thanks, Pip

  • Kim L (View all users posts) 18 Apr 2017 5:34am ()

    Hi, I too am new to learn to learn through play program (teach through play). Last term I experimented with having children play around me while I taught.   I was luck to have a teachers aid who was able to do the necessary maintenance interactions for me after I did the initial setting up. I took time to rove and interact to get a feel for what was happening.  I really liked what I saw  though I did have to reset things from time to time. I was really worried about giving up time with the academic program. But this term I'm planning to give up a little more time as I can see so much benefit in language and social development.  Im thinking every afternoon so I can have more time with the children as they play.   I read an article about a Dutch school who did 'big classroom set ups' around a theme 6 weekly- real life situations vet or travel agent.  They got some good role play from these and were able to extend the play through investigating the roles of key personal.  They were also able to place curriculum goals into meaningful context, sounding names of clients for example.  I must admit resourcing the play is a challenge.  Getting the right kind of tools with little budget.  

    Are you able to explain the term STEM type challenges for me.  Ive not come across it before.  I'd also be interested in any equipment you have found of particular value.   Cheers Kim. 


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