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Finish this sentence: This year I plan to...

Started by Tessa Gray 09 Feb 2017 4:09pm () Replies (16)

One way to use technologies with your parents/whānau


Each year we kick off with a wero or challenge to consider. Here's one for the beginning of 2017... 

Finish this sentence: "This year I plan to use **INSERT TECHNOLOGIES HERE** to make connections with parents and whānau so that...."

This forum is an opportunity for you to think about ways you and your students are going to 'seep' out from the classroom into the rest of the world. What have you got planned? Feel free to add your comment below smiley

Looking out the window



  • Tessa Gray (View all users posts) 20 Feb 2017 11:40am ()

    No-one up for the challenge yet? I'll start us off...

    I've recently visited a parent evening where the principal highlighted how the curriculum is owned by everyone - aunties, uncles, grandparents, friends of families etc. His invitation is that through more authentic integration of the curriculum, parents/whānau will be invited to become more involved/engaged in learning and visa-versa where the students will be able to make authentic connections with the local community and wider world. Can't wait to watch this unfold, exciting!

    What you have got planned at your place?

  • Allanah King (View all users posts) 20 Feb 2017 12:32pm ()

    I have recently joined the Seesaw club and like the way it can securely give parents an insight into what is happening at school and to give feedback to their children.

    I would challenge others who haven't explored it to give a go with maybe a group of kids and their whānau and see how it goes. There are tons of easy to understand short videos on theor website to get you started.




  • Rachael (View all users posts) 20 Feb 2017 4:21pm ()

    This year I plan to use Blogger to make connections with parents and whānau so that the students can set up their learning and show their evidence of their learning.

  • Tessa Gray (View all users posts) 22 Mar 2017 12:30pm ()

    Hi Rachael, Allanah is an awesome inspiration and you might also like the links collated in Enabling e-Learning: Blogging too - especially examples of other schools are using blogs around NZ.

    Another great way to capture student learning is to give them a framework for sharing in blog posts: ie some guiding questions to showcase their process and product (ways of working and outcomes).

    • What were we learning to do (clarify learning intentions, ie writing progression)?
    • How we helped ourselves and each other to learn (individually, group, class)
    • What tools we used to help us (including any e-learning tools)
    • How we got on and how well we did it (outcomes)
    • What we could do better/differently next time

    Might be useful for parents to make connections to their child's learning intentions, activities and outcomes maybe? Or too formal? What do you think?

    Tess smiley

  • Allanah King (View all users posts) 20 Feb 2017 5:15pm ()

    Hi Rachael

    I wonder if you had seen my Bling4yrBlog on adding features and functionality  to Blogger more than just photos and text.






  • janined (View all users posts) 21 Feb 2017 11:52am ()

    This year I plan to join the Seesaw club too.  I am always open to finding new ways to easily engage with our students and their families.  We have secret Facebook pages that we get lots of feedback and comments on but I think that the seesaw is going to be the much more personalised.

  • Tessa Gray (View all users posts) 22 Feb 2017 9:39am ()

    Sounds awesome Rachael, Allanah and Janine smiley

    As a working parent I have been frustrated, that I haven't been able to go on field trips or help out in the classroom more. The only real window I've had is the online connections, so it's really exciting to hear your plans for a blog Rachael, maybe you can share your blog with us when it's up and running. Here are some blogging tips and resources that might help you out too.

    And for all those interested in Seesaw...we've got something a little special coming up for you too.... See you there!

    smiley LIVE WEBINAR: Diving into Seesaw, 29 March, 3.45-4.45pm

    Come and join us for a hands-on experience to find out about Seesaw (digital ePortfolio) and how you can use it in your learning environment. Katrina Laurie will take us on this hands-on tour. 


    In this webinar we will explore...

    • What is Seesaw?

    • Why should I use it?

    • Experience Seesaw as a Student

    • Classroom Ideas and Examples

    • Class Setup & Time Saving Tips

    • Digital Citizenship

    • Questions, Help and Resources


    This webinar is interactive, so REGISTER NOW and see what you'll need prior and during this live event. This webinar will also be supported by a thread in the Technologies group and hosted in Adobe Connect with Tessa Gray.

  • TraceC (View all users posts) 18 Mar 2017 10:35am ()

    This year I plan to/am using Seesaw for the second year in my classroom, now we are a Seesaw for Schools school and other teachers are seeing how powerful it it.  I am extending my knowledge and capability with Seesaw, with the flow-on effect to my students too.  They are yet to comment on others work but that will be a focus from term 2 after all the ground work has been done, and commenting on our own and our buddy classes work will be a focus.  

    I've also attended an Infinity Maps workshops and have seen how powerful that is in connecting parents through the students sharing with them. I have started this with my target students and have already seen connections made at home just through doing the initial mapping with students.

  • Jo Maguire (View all users posts) 19 Mar 2017 9:20pm ()

    This year I am using Seesaw for the first time as a trial in my school.  I have 2 learners and their whanau engaging. I also have our itinerant teacher using the app with 5 children and their whanau. So far it is a great collaborative approach between teachers, learners and their family. It is especially powerful for those that can not always communicate what they have been learning. 

    My wondering is how time consuming this would be with a whole junior classroom? We now have I pads available which will be useful. I would love to hear how others are getting on with whole classes using Seesaw. 




  • Jane Armstrong Bos (View all users posts) 20 Mar 2017 9:00am ()

    Hi Jo,

    You might be interested in participating in the webinar "Diving into Seesaw" coming up on 29 March.

    The webinar will explore:

    • What is Seesaw?

    • Why should I use it?

    • Experience Seesaw as a Student

    • Classroom Ideas and Examples

    • Class Setup & Time Saving Tips

    • Digital Citizenship

    • Questions, Help and Resources

  • Yvonne Catherwood (View all users posts) 20 Mar 2017 10:26am ()

    One thing I want to try to do this year is create more authentic learning in the classroom. We are already an enviroschool so I would like to try to create some rich learning tasks that move beyond reading, writing and maths and use real life problem solving as a way of meeting the needs of the curriculum. I don't feel that I have made the best use of our connected curriculum and I would really like to explore this

  • Rachael (View all users posts) 20 Mar 2017 1:48pm ()

    Thank you Allanah - I had a great learning session with the extra features for Blogger.  

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