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How may inquires are too many?

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Started by Mark Maddren 24 Jan 2017 11:59am () Replies (4)

If we are open to advancing knowledge about our own practice and in doing so are going to gather data from multiple sources and complete an in depth inquiry cycle. How many inquiries can you have in progress at the same time?

What are your experiences? I have a formal collaborative inquiry and formal individual inquiry that have been progressing over the last 10 months and will continue for another 6 months I think.

I have also had a number of mini inquiries which were informal and developed as a result of new learnings or experiences and generally resulted in a blog post as a way of collecting my thoughts and learning.


  • James Hopkins (View all users posts) 24 Jan 2017 12:04pm ()

    Perhaps 'too many' could potentially also incorporate too few... Like you, I have an individual inquiry and collaborate on another, however both incorporate my passions around leadership. Could one strong inquiry around a true passion be adequate?

    I think it's important to analyse progress on each and take genuine responsibility when asking yourself the question 'What have you done about it?' If the answer is nothing, and the reason is merely time, perhaps you have too many. Just my two cents to widen the perspective.

  • Yvonne Catherwood (View all users posts) 24 Jan 2017 4:10pm ()

    I think we are all open to advancing our own knowledge around our teaching practice because these days if you are not open to new learning you shouldn't be teaching. My feelings around an inquiry is that I have two full inquiries on the go at a time - a teaching one and a leadership one as I am a teaching principal. I expect all my teachers to be inquiring about their own practice all of the time but would only expect them to be documenting one inquiry at a time so that they can truly do it justice.    

  • Tessa Gray (View all users posts) 25 Jan 2017 12:58pm ()

    I agree as teachers, we're inquiring practitioners all the time - either informally, short-term or more formalised over a longer period of time.

    How we document this (blogs etc) comes down to individuals. I'm about to embark on a professional inquiry that I'll document online, but like Yvonne, I wouldn't want the expectation of capturing my reflections to become too cumbersome and possibly a barrier to the inquiry process itself. I would also hope there could be overlaps between individual and collaborative inquiries, so the learning happens both ways. 

    I know it's not about the amount of inquiries, but I'd be interested to know how many schools are moving more towards collaborative inquiry in their schools too, or if individual inquiry is the chosen process (and why).

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