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Online learning - what happens when it doesn't work?

Started by Karen 16 Jan 2017 3:10pm () Replies (8)

Hi everyone.

I am keen to hear people's thoughts about online learning in the classroom and at home and what happens if student's have difficulty accessing learning. Must all learners use the same spaces/websites? If something does not work efficiently for a learner is it possible to explore other options? E.G. If you are a school that uses Google Docs but that is not the best way of doing something for a learner, is the flexibility to use something different, such as Word locally on a laptop?

Many thanks



  • Allanah King (View all users posts) 25 Jan 2017 1:36pm ()

    Hi Karen,

    I wrote this blog post 'The Right Tool for the Job' on my Edublog some time ago and I think it still holds true. 

    My ideal would be a mixture of devices and learning tools available to everyone- then people get to know which tool was the right one for each situation.

    I love the digital tools but at a meeting this week I picked up my pen and paper to record my notes as having a laptop screen between us seemed like it would be making a barrier not removing one.

    I think at times too then no digital tools is the best option. I was supporting a teacher in her class recently with some borrowed iPads and they had a variety of different pass codes on them and we soon got ourselves locked out. The best option at that stage was to regroup and go out for a game and cool off and sort the tech issue before trying again to use the borrowed iPads. The use of technology in that situation at that time was a hindrance to learning not a support for it. 

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