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Planning & Teaching collaboratively

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Started by Kerri Thompson 30 Dec 2016 9:18am () Replies (4)

Kia ora everyone in this group. My name is Kerri and along with 3 colleagues we are moving into an Innovative Learning Environment 2017 - 2 teachers on each side of a new block with 50-60 learners between the 2. 

The discussion we are initiating is also part of our Mindlab assignment and we would appreciate teachers sharing their own stories of how they went about beginning to plan/teach collaboratively.

Although we have been changing our pedagogy over the last 4 years, we now have questions specifically around HOW the sharing of planning, teaching, learning, and day to day organisation is SHARED equally between the teachers. More specifically, how do we ensure the kids learn that ALL teachers are equally involved in their learning, and need to be respected equally?

We feel both teachers in the space need to be viewed as having equal responsibility for ALL learners - at least this is the way we are thinking as we begin our conversations. 

Any and all discussion would be appreciated as we attempt to figure out where we go from here!



  • Ngaire Shepherd-Wills (View all users posts) 18 Jan 2017 5:22pm ()

    Hi Kerri,

    This is a really simple idea, but one that had a really big impact when I was teaching in a collaborative ILE. We too really wanted the learners to view both of us as their teachers and we found a real shift with this when we engaged with whānau.  We were still having difficulty having parents recognise that we both taught their child, due to learners still being listed under a homeroom teacher for attendance purposes.As parents began to view us as both teachers of their children, we found this transferred onto the learners as well. We used these strategies to do this:

    • In our ILE, there wasn't any "homeroom teacher" divisions. The whole space belonged to all of us. We taught anywhere and everywhere!
    • We stored all the learner's school bags and resources randomly, not by listed homeroom teacher.
    • The first few weeks of school we made a huge effort to both be available every morning to greet and speak with the learners and their families. We made sure we talked to parents who weren't on our homeroom list and introduced ourselves as their child's teacher.
    • All email communications always involved both of us. 
    • We used inclusive language in our conversations to show the learners that we were both their teachers.

    Over the first term, we began to feel that the learners and their families really saw us both as the class teachers and developed an awesome sense of being a learning community.

    Hope this helps with your assignment,


  • Kerri Thompson (View all users posts) 18 Jan 2017 7:47pm ()

    Hi Ngaire,

    We really appreciate you taking the time to share your story. I must admit I had not thought about engagement of whanau having the impact you suggest on how the kids view us as teachers. It is definitely something we were looking into doing better and more often but as far as it having an impact on the way our kids view us - well that is interesting; and now you mention it, it kind of makes sense:)

    I have just today spoken to our Principal about the importance of there being no "she is my teacher and the other is yours" sort of scenario. We are VERY adamant we want ALL kids to see us BOTH as people who can help them. I think it is definitely something we will look at embedding that the space is ALL of ours - anywhere, anytime, anyone type thing. 

    I also think being there each morning is vital ... for any classroom. It helps build relationships huh:) 

    Our goal is to cultivate a community of learners who have mutual respect. Being seen as equals is really important to this. Many thanks for your korero; it is really valuable knowing about the stuff that seems small but that is KEY.


  • irsha alisha (View all users posts) 20 Jan 2017 1:08am ()

    Hi there,

    I have been reading the posts on here about the modern/ collaborative teaching etc.

    I am wanting to see some examples of planning - templates? if anyone can share. We are delving into this thus want some insight regarding it.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


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