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Robotics for Intermediate

Started by Lynne Crowe 29 Nov 2016 6:33pm () Replies (11)


We are wanting to start some robotics groups in 2017. This year we have had a play with Scratch and some Sphero robots. We have recently been to a demo of VEX IQ and are keen on what that has to offer. We have also looked at lego robotics. Our problem is that we mainly use chromebooks. We have a couple of windoes machines per class, sets of chromebooks and one small set of ipads. With byod, most of our students have chromebooks! 

So while cost is a consideration, we are wanting some advice on what path we should take. We envisage having some students with quite advanced coding knowledge down to the keen novice. 

If we had groups of around 20 students, how many 'robot' kits would we need? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • Emma Scobie-Jennings (View all users posts) 30 Nov 2016 10:22am ()

    We have been using a Lego Mindstorms EV3 robot for the last few years.  As Chris has said they are on the expensive side but the reliability and versatility of them pays off.  However I've only been working with groups of 10 or so, any more than that and it gets a bit messy and students don't have enough involvement to keep them motivated.  

    These work through a computer programme that you download for free so I would imagine would be fine on a Chromebook. 

    We have entered the First Lego League tournament for the last 3 years, this has been really great to encourage the students to work towards something with their learning.  

    Hope that helps!

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