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Read this new paper from Netsafe on Digital Citizenship

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Started by Karen Spencer 25 Nov 2016 7:58am () Replies (1)

There has never been a greater need for schools to take a proactive approach towards a whole school community promotion of digital citizenship, including online safety and wellbeing, than there is now.

Netsafe white paper on Digital Citizenship This is why Netsafe has created its revised position on digital citizenship in education in its new white paper:

Digital citizenship is a powerful enabler of inclusion in social, cultural and civil society.  Becoming a digital citizen is ‘part of who we all are’ in school; it should be planned for, and addressed, through multiple contexts including structured activities and wherever there is a meaningful opportunity to talk and learn about being online.

It is time to seek a definitive statement for digital citizenship and its relationship to ‘digital literacy’ and ‘digital fluency’. Netsafe’s view is that the proliferation of terms and abstract concepts does not help schools. A consensus view of the values, aims and knowledge underpinning these terms is required.

This paper is Netsafe’s initial contribution to achieving this aim. In this paper, Netsafe presents a revised model of digital citizenship:

Digital Citizenship (Netsafe, 2016)

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