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Jolly Phonics

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Started by Nicky Crawford 16 Nov 2016 11:39am () Replies (7)

Just wondering if anyone has used the Jolly Phonics app with their class. Is it worth $10? Does anyone have an alternative recommendation for teaching phonics? I am also interested in any recommendations around sight words.




  • Gina Foster (View all users posts) 16 Nov 2016 11:42am ()

    I'd be interested in some feedback on that app too....



  • Michelle Urmson (View all users posts) 16 Nov 2016 11:56am ()

    I've used the 'Oz Phonics" apps where the voice can be changed to a NZer's voice/accent. There is a series of 'Oz Phonics' apps and all are really easy to use. I have not used the Jolly Phonics app. 



  • Coll O'Connor (View all users posts) 16 Nov 2016 12:46pm ()

    Hi Nicky

    See my blog in the Assistive Technology Group: /blog/view/944542/ipad-apps-for-phonics-support

    A long time ago, we used the Jolly Phonics Big book and CD for new entrance students. The CD soundtrack used a British accent.  As with any technology, you need to consider what is the learning outcome/goal for this app.

    Jolly Phonics: $9.99 iTunes Store

    First impression : Using British accent.(Choose American or British) Although instructions are clear and easy to follow, the high pitched voice of the 'Bee' instructor could be rather intruding and annoying in the classroom. head phones reccommended. Students can use their finger or a stylus to write each letter template. There is letter /sound matching, sound/ blend, spelling - letter sound recognition to make words. Graphics are suitable for ages 4 to 6 years.

    The app starts with an empty flower pot, and after watering, the student has seven 'flowers' (stages) to complete. The first flower opens with a selection of letters (a, t, i, p, n, s). Each letter is incorporated into a writing / listening/ matching exercise.

    This is a basic phonics app. Simple to use as a drill/ reinforcer after a direct teach module. There are lots of phonics apps out there and I am happy to investigate these further for you.

    Contact me at  cat.help@education.govt.nz.   Kind regards  Coll

  • Tonia (View all users posts) 22 Nov 2016 7:12pm ()

    Hi Nicky,

    I have not used the Jolly Phonics app but have tried several others.  I have found the option to only use Australian, British or America accents to be frustrating as they do not meet our learners needs.  However I do have exciting news, a New Zealand phonics expert, Yolanda Soryl is currently working on an app to support the learning of beginning sounds. I have been fortunate to be part of the beta testing for the app and am very excited about the app being available for purchase some time in the near future.  It has a New Zealand accent and takes the user through a series of lessons around how to hear, read and write individual sounds first sounds.

    Look out for it in the app store in the near future.

    Kind regards, Tonia

  • Allanah King (View all users posts) 22 Nov 2016 7:17pm ()

    I wonder if you could please post the app name and address when it is published- finding things in the app store is a bit of a mission.

  • Tonia (View all users posts) 23 Nov 2016 8:04am ()

    Hi Allanah,

    Will do. I am hopeful it will be early next year.


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