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Enabling e-Learning forum: Designing inclusive innovative learning environments

Started by Tessa Gray 14 Nov 2016 12:14pm () Replies (2)

As we consider the environment in which our ākonga learn, we need to ensure that it includes all learners. Sensitivity to individual differences and learner variability should inform decisions relating to pedagogy, practice, and design of a flexible space.


A new guide has recently been published on the Inclusive Education website on Planning an innovative learning environment (ILE).


“This guide provides strategies and suggestions for developing innovative learning environments (ILE) that work for all learners. It focuses on supporting schools that are planning a new build or building modifications.”


The key ideas that the guide discusses are:

  • Focus on pedagogy and use this to inform the design of both the teaching approaches and the space

  • Ensure there is PLD prior to moving into the new innovative learning environment.


The importance of appropriate pedagogy for learning in an innovative learning environment cannot be overstated. In the following video, Woodend School Deputy Principal, Adrienne Simpson explains using the spiral of inquiry as a framework to identify how to move forward with innovative learning practices and learning with digital technologies.


Developing the pedagogy and practice for an innovative learning environment


Join the discussion:


  • How have you developed your learning environment and/or your pedagogy into one that is innovative and includes all learners?

  • What digital technologies are you using to help remove barriers to the learning of your ākonga?

  • In what way do you see UDL principles supporting an inclusive innovative learning environment?


We've love to hear from you - either like the post or add a comment of your own.



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smileyLIVE WEBINAR: Learning for all, 15:45 - 16:45, 17 Nov 2016

We want all our learners to succeed. In this webinar, Lynne Silcock (CORE / Connected Learning Advisory), will take us through the possibilities that digital technology affords us to enhance and enrich learning opportunities for all students. This webinar will be hosted in Adobe Connect with Tessa GrayREGISTER NOW!



  • Tessa Gray (View all users posts) 18 Nov 2016 3:05pm ()

    Yesterday, we were lucky enough to have Lynne Silcock present an interactive webinar where we quickly gained:

    • an understanding of UDL thinking and principles 
    • practical ideas and a range of technology options to support learners in any classroom
    • some ideas about practical things we could do to offer students flexible learning pathways for our learners

    You can view the recording hereLearning for all webinar screenshot #eelwebinar

    Lynne talked about how traditionally, we've always found the similarities between our students and possibly even 'greyed them out'.

    That treating students equally might not lead to equal outcomes and teachers need to design learning tasks using a strengths-based model for those students on the edges using universal supports. 

    For example in literacy, when asking students to acton/share their learning, ask yourself...will this task work for everyone?

    To find out more in context, feel free to watch the webinar recording and find the relevant links shared in this Google presentation.



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