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Individual Learning Plans ILP

Started by Tim Thatcher 11 Nov 2016 11:54am () Replies (8)

Has anyone out there implemented or investigated digital platforms for ILP's? I have been looking into the Hapara student notes function but this does not share the document with students (so much for student agency!) 

Can anyone share how they use ILP's digitally across an entire school?


  • Richard Gillespie (View all users posts) 11 Nov 2016 8:49pm ()

    Kia ora Tim,

    There are a couple of things I have tried in the past. Edmodo would be my suggestion for a start. Fantastic platform for student agency and has a parent portal. 

    We have used effectively across the senior syndicate but not entire school. 

  • Tessa Gray (View all users posts) 24 Nov 2016 10:44am ()

    Hi Tim, seems like a query most other people would be interested in too (in a personalised paradigm).

    Just wondering about some info please smiley ie: Were you after digital templates or wondering more about digital/collaborative platforms per se - like blogs, Google docs and like Richard says Edmodo? What kind of functionality would be a priority do you think? Who would be the audience or contributors (internal/beyond school)?

    I see more and more schools trialing Seesaw as a simple e-portfolio (student-driven) platform with parent portal for multiple devices too. There are more e-portfolio ideas that might suit a ILP in the e-Portfolios group.

    Richard I'd also love to hear/see how Edmodo is being used effectively with your senior students too. Hot topic - Using digital technologies to support learning in a senior secondary context and Digital assessment practices in secondary schools.

    Tess smiley

  • Tim Thatcher (View all users posts) 24 Nov 2016 11:07am ()


    I am looking at ILP's as part of my CoL role. I am on a transition team inquiring as to how we can a create a 'Responsive Curriculum' which aligns some elements with intermediate schools. I have spent the last 2 months visiting and observing our feeder schools to gain an understanding of how students experience learning and how much agency they have. The biggest notable difference between secondary and primary/ intermediate is that students are getting a lot of agency in the form of goal setting and small group learning. Most of our feeder schools have some form of ILP in which the students set regular goals for their learning. 

    I am therefore researching how ILP's can be used in secondary schools so that students can continue to exercise agency over their learning. We have begun collecting uniform data from our feeder schools on students prior knowledge around lit, num and key comp's. What I am now trying to do is to create a PDF template in which teachers can access this data in a user friendly way through Google Drive and also on this sheet update (with the students) learning goals for their various subjects.

    The challenge is that I want ILP's to be a non-onerous, easily accessible document which both teachers and students use on a weekly basis. We are a fully BYOD school and have been using e-portfolios and GAFE for 5 years so I would like to find a solution that already sits within our current learning infrastructure.I would like to avoid 'tapping' on another app or system as teacher's will not use it. Hapara has the 'student notes' function which is fantastic but the downside is that it is a sperate doc for each class. What we want is a single doc which sits in each of the students class folder or some other kind of function that does this. 

    In 2018 we will develop Google site e-portfolios which I hope, a student can 'carry' across the pipeline in which they collect evidence of their learning. 



    Tim Thatcher


  • Tessa Gray (View all users posts) 25 Nov 2016 1:26pm ()

    Congratulations Tim, exciting role ahead of you as you create some natural transitions between schools for the students in your area. I hear what you’re saying about using another app/platform – instead building on what you already do, you’ve helped make it a lot clearer what you’re needing here. 

    I could be completely leading you astray here, but there might be some collaborative planning examples in this crowd-sourced Google presentation (started by Mark Maddren).

    Or there might be some NZ secondary schools doing similar things you can connect with in this Modern Learning pedagogy and Modern Learning environments Google presentation

    You could always try asking the Connected Learning Advisory (0800 700 400) any of these questions and they’ll be able to give you some informed, impartial advice. I’ll let them know about your requests in this thread as well. smiley

  • Philippa Nicoll Antipas (View all users posts) 28 Nov 2016 2:51pm ()

    Kia ora Tim,

    As you say, it seems as though quite a few primary schools who are well down the track with ILPs / personalised learning / learner agency are making good use of digital platforms (I've specifically seen the Google Suite in action, Sites in particular).

    There are number of schools who are thinking about ePortfolios too. I've just started to collate a few resources (mostly from Enabling eLearning at this stage) if you'd like some ideas.

    And Tessa's right, this is definitely something the Connected Learning Advisory can help you to explore further.

    I've got some experience of using Edmodo in senior secondary classes, but I'm not entirely sure this is quite what you're after. Edmodo, Google Classroom, and their ilk are more LMS-like.

  • Lenva Shearing (View all users posts) 06 Dec 2016 8:57am ()

    Hi Tim,

    Great post, but I just wanted to correct you on a few Hapara statements made in your post.

    1. Hapara student notes CAN be shared with students.  They are merely Google Docs, and so can be shared with anyone you wish. 

    2. Hapara student notes are not separate docs for each class.  They are separate docs for each student.  The school admin would create the template on Google Docs, and then Hapara makes a copy of that template for each student, giving the teacher access to enter their own information. 

    Hope this helps.

  • Yvonne Catherwood (View all users posts) 16 Jan 2017 2:44pm ()

    It is obvious that a lot of schools are well down the road of ILP's. I have been using GAFE in my classroom for a number of years and while I find that planning the programme is quite straight forward, giving the students some agency as to how they access the learning they need via workshops and recording their learning is a challenge. Seesaw looks like an interesting way of students keeping records of their learning so I may try this.   

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