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School Website that links to GAFE but not Sites

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Started by Piki Hare 18 Oct 2016 3:20pm () Replies (6)

Kia ora, we are a GAFE Kura and are trying to set up our kura website but don't want to use Google Sites. Is anyone else using another platform that integrates with google apps? All we want is a site that is easy to manage and navigate. We don't think Sites is user friendly at the moment. 


  • Rachel (View all users posts) 19 Oct 2016 9:00am ()

    Yeah me too!

    Also trying to work on a staff hub but I hear there are serious changes happening to Google Sites and I want to know how I can develop something that staff of all tech abilities can contribute to.

  • roimata.nicholas (View all users posts) 19 Oct 2016 10:49am ()

    I am interested in this too. Are you creating your website yourself or are you working with a Web Designer? There may be a web builder that will allow you to add a Google sign in feature is that what you mean?

  • Piki Hare (View all users posts) 19 Oct 2016 1:47pm ()

    I have been creating our site by myself for the past year but my principal would like to get a web designer on board to start helping us make it live by end of this year. I have been looking at Weebly and Wix but there is a cost which is fine but really wanted to use the Google Apps so the integration of all our information is seemless. Let me know if you've found a better platform. 

  • Tim Harper (View all users posts) 19 Oct 2016 11:20am ()

    Hi all,

    Google are updating Google Sites at the moment and are rlling out the "New Google Sites" tool to schools.

    This new tool is very much in beta and it does not support some essential things like web address mapping yet.  (Web address mapping means that you can use your own domain to access the site  from eg http://www.your.school.nz rahter than something complex like https://sites.google.com/your.school.nz/wwwsite)  I did ring Google to ask when this might be supported but they did not know.

    Lots of schools find the existing "old  Googe sites tool cumbersome.  It is dated.  My school's websites are "old Google sites" eg:




    We are planning to upgrade your website soon too.  We will probably use the "new Google sites" once it can support web address mapping.

    The "new" tool has some real advantages particularly when it comes to allowing different devices to interact with the same site eg a mobile phone or tablet v a full desktop experience.  One of the big issues that I understand is that there will not be a migration tool to move from "old" to "New" - the two are too different - so it will mean a re-write from scratch.

    Tim Harper, Connected Learning Advisor
    m. 027 443 1236

    p. 0800 700 400

    e. tim@connectedlearning.org.nz

    w. www.connectedlearning.org.nz
  • Piki Hare (View all users posts) 19 Oct 2016 2:05pm ()

    Thanks for this info Tim. Hopefully the new Sites is ready to roll out sooner rather than later. 

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