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Started by Jamie De La Haye 13 Oct 2016 6:38am () Replies (6)

Hi all

Staff want access to Google + mainly for PD opportunities. Our techie onsite is worried because this now requires that staff have a profile which is both personal and public which may or may not reflect the goals and views of the school. Staff will now be sharing content of the school outside of the school and that he is solely responsible for rules and regulations of this service and NOT the staff member.  

Any thoughts, issues other schools have had with this??


  • Tim Thatcher (View all users posts) 13 Oct 2016 7:36am ()

    I'm sorry to say but that is a very antiquated attitude. Teachers have a responsibility to be 'research active' (ERO) this involves active collaboration and sharing with other professional through a range of mediums. Your teachers have a right to be able to share their practice on Twitter, Google+ etc. In saying that you could discuss not sharing student data and perhaps photos. If you allow your teachers to practice as connected educators this will only benefit your students and perhaps to ease your techie's mind the staff could co-construct some guidelines as to what is appropriate sharing.

  • Leigh Hynes (View all users posts) 13 Oct 2016 8:49am ()

    Don't be sorry, Tim.  Your view needs to be spread widely in our schools.  Professional debate is to be totally encouraged.

  • Jamie De La Haye (View all users posts) 13 Oct 2016 7:53am ()

    Hi Tim

    Thanks for response. I agree, staff have Google + for that exact reason. I am interested though if other schools have had any concerns. Staff sign a user agreement about being online so covered in this respect too.

    Have a good day.

  • Tim Thatcher (View all users posts) 13 Oct 2016 8:07am ()


    All our staff, students and support staff sign a lengthy user agreement at the beginning of each year. The technical support staff should ideally not be held accountable for the actions of others. 


    I can send a copy of our 'waiver' if you like.





  • Jamie De La Haye (View all users posts) 13 Oct 2016 8:19am ()

    Hi Tim 

    If you do not mind sharing your user agreements, that would be fantastic

    Thank you

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