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ILE in a small rural school

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Started by Neil Anderson 29 Sep 2016 2:50pm () Replies (4)

I have just started as Principal at a 3 teacher school with a recently completed ILE upgrade and quite a bit of new technology. Are there people out there in similar schools who can share experiences of how they have made the most of ILEs in small school settings? Please...


  • alyson (View all users posts) 29 Sep 2016 3:59pm ()

    HI Neil, I am DP at Akaroa Area School, we havn't had our upgrade yet but we are trying different ways to collaborate while we wait :) We have 3 classrooms in the junior school and 3 teachers, 55 learners from Y0-6. We are lucky in that we have a BOT funded 4th teacher who supports during literacy and numeracy time. Basically we are cross grouping a lot but keeping the NE pretty much separate. The Y5/6 1:1 chromebooks and along with 4 of the Y4s work in a separate room with a teacher as we cannot remove the wall, it's a separate building. The Y2-4 work in more of an open space with 2 teachers. 

    It is definitely a journey and we are only at the baby stages :) We have found it tricky with old rooms and such a big age range but things are starting to fall into place...What we have found is that report writing and ITJs/OTJs are better as there are always at least 3 teachers collaborating to write reports :) The process has become quite robust. 

    I would love to hear some of your ideas too if you are happy to share. I have found it hard to meet up with teachers from a similar size school. How many learners do you have and where are you?

    Many thanks


  • Angela Marshall (View all users posts) 01 Oct 2016 4:09am ()

    Hi Neil and Alyson,

    I'm a teaching principal at St Joseph's Fairlie, a two teacher school, where the BOT fund a third teacher in the mornings. We have 43 students , and will get an upgrade in 2019 to an ILE so we are only at the beginning of the journey. Our planning, reporting and assessment gathering is all done on Google Drive so that the teaching and learning is transparent and mostly collaborative. We almost stream our students as they move to different teachers according to groupings. I'm in the junior class - so some of my students stay with me, some go to the third teacher and some go to the senior room. This will run much smoother when we have a shared space as time is taken up during transitions (lost pencil, forget books etc). We do alot of whole school activities and can free up teachers this way (prayers, fitness, buddy reading, sports, art etc). Like Alyson we have more than one teacher writing reports for individual students which makes it feel like all teachers are responsible for all learners at our school. Personally I think that ILEs are easier in a small school as long as all staff are prepared to collaborate! We are currently developing student profiles in Google Drive where students and parents will be able to access tracking sheets, learning Goals and assessment data but it is only early days! I am very keen to hear about your journey and those of similar sizes as well!!


  • Tessa Gray (View all users posts) 12 Oct 2016 9:12am ()

    Have reading about your journeys so far Alyson and Angela, thank you for sharing. There's an awful lot to consider all at once if you're starting out establishing ILE spaces, pedagogy and practice. I'm not in a school, but thought some of the following resources might help with some thinking and planning here.

    • CORE Education's MLE matrix (Modern Learning Environments) can help to give some success measures/guiding questions for how you want your MLE/ILE to best support the learning in your school. 
    • Using a tool like the Strategic Roadmap from the Connected Learning Advisory can help to crystallise some 'big picture thinking' and desirables about your ILEs - no matter what size the school. 
    • Enabling e-Learning's resources on ILE's give a great overview as well as some helpful resources for getting started and examples from schools (videos) including the following:

    Transition to an innovative learning environment


    Adapting single cell classrooms to create an innovative learning environment

    Hope this is useful smiley

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