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Google Drive App

I work at a high school where most classrooms have a desktop that is shared. We have recently moved to putting all our files on Google Drive. We had the Google App on our each computer and it was working well. To access a file, including Word and PowerPoint files, we could open them from the folder in Windows Explorer. Our technician has now removed this App from the desktops. He says that they will get "full" and fall over as all the files get copied locally. How do other schools manage this? Thanks


  • Kelly Faulkner (View all users posts) 10 Sep 2016 2:21pm ()

    you are using a desktop computer? why not put all the files into your own online google drive and access them via the internet rather than an app? then the files are not simultaneously stored on your network.

  • Tim Harper (View all users posts) 10 Sep 2016 3:13pm ()

    You could also try the Google Drive for Microsoft Office plugin:



    Tim Harper  www.connectedlearning.org.nz

  • Rosey Kara (View all users posts) 10 Sep 2016 3:14pm ()

    All our students have their own school email and do their computer work on Google Drive. We are using Hapara which means I can share activities, work, web link, etc with them in the appropriate folder (eg: all their reading activities go in the reading folder, same for Maths, etc. I can access their work and comment on it and because it's stored on The Drive it doesn't take up any storage space, its all stored in the Drive. Hapara costs us about $2/child/year. 

  • Monika Kern (View all users posts) 11 Sep 2016 5:51pm ()

    Hi Monique,

    the Drive app works well on your personal device when you want to treat your Google Drive just like all the other folders in your Explorer. In an environment where you share devices it is less ideal as ultimately anything that is saved on the device by each of your users will use up the available storage space.

    As others have suggested above, use Google Drive in your browser, preferably Chrome for all things Google, and above mentioned plugin is great when you want to work in MS Office docs within Google Drive. If you are using the GAFE suite, rather than MS Office, with your students, they gain little if anything by going through the Drive app. On my personal device, a MacBook Air, I have also removed the app because I have run out of space (time for a clean out I know!).

    As Rosey, I absolutely love using Hapara to access and monitor student work, where they are going online etc. Worth every cent :)

    Hope this is useful! Monika


  • Monique Goodson (View all users posts) 12 Sep 2016 6:28am ()

    Thanks for your comments and suggestions. I will ask for the plugin to be added to the desktop. Thanks for the Hapara suggestions, I will investigate this too.

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