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Maori student achievement and ILE's

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Started by Vianney Douglas 25 Aug 2016 12:26am () Replies (1)

I know that the Barrett et al (2015) has been referred to on here and that their research has provided some evidence that the school environment does impact on students learning progress, however I note too that in Mark Wilson's Sabbatical report (2015) on MLE's that the jury is not yet out on their effectiveness with regards to student achievement. We are a small Kura Kaupapa Māori exploring the shift to ILE including the pedagogical shifts that need to take place.  However, there is very little literature or information around schools who have done this and have talked specifically about the impact that it has had for their Māori students, and ways in which they have created the environment that makes it culturally responsive to their Māori students needs.  Is there anyone out there that has done this?  Anyone with ideas, both about the design and the innovative ways of teaching, collaborating that is really successful with Māori students who are learning in te reo?

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